Hi! I’m Bethany, I am a 26-year-old vet student, adventure seeker, photographer, a wannabe calligrapher, and lover of starbursts and m&ms.

I am currently in my third semester (second year) at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. I had a somewhat long journey to getting into vet school, but I am here now! I have been in St. Kitts since May 2016, first completing the vet prep program at RUSVM. So far I would equate vet school to keeping your head above the water when you are swimming. Sometimes you are just holding your breath on the border of drowning, but most of the time you are swimming along trying to process the mass amounts of information thrown at you. But I wouldn’t change it for the world! Every day we are learning new and exciting things, and I find the material so much easier to learn than what I took in my undergrad.

Besides school, I spend my time fostering animals and going on adventures. I am currently waiting to adopt two RUSVM kennel dogs, who mean the world to me.

Last fall I adopted this handsome old man for my Dad; he is a ~12-year-old coconut retriever (what we call the island mixes), who is a sweet old soul. Anyone who meets him falls in love, then you give him a hug, and you just melt. He lived with me here in St. Kitts for six months and now lives at home in Canada with my parents. He loves the cold weather, and from what I hear likes to get into some mischief.

I am fostering a dog (Lady) for one of my friends, and a cat (Henri) for my other friends. I will have them until September when they can move into their parent’s new homes.


Bethany Brown