Michaela & Barry Engagement

Some of you know my cousin, Michaela, who is one of my best friends. She has always been there for me, and I really don’t know where I would be without her! Recently, over my August break, she wanted to FaceTime me, but I was never near wifi for that happen. Eventually, it worked out that we were able to FaceTime, and I got the news I had been waiting for for a very long time; Barry, her boyfriend, had proposed! I’ve been one happy person ever since; I am so excited for these two wonderful people who I am lucky enough to call my friends. I was also fortunate enough to get to do their engagement photos the day before I left for Saint Kitts. Below you can see some of these photos. Since the proposal happened in Quebec, we made the journey from New Liskeard to a covered bridge near Saint-Bruno-de-Gigues. If you are curious as to how Barry proposed and trust me, you should be, I encourage you to read the story Michaela wrote about the event. I have to say it is pretty epic, and I am so happy his plan worked!

Once onshore I sat at the picnic table on the deck while bar stepped from the dock into the shallow water at the top of the pebble beach.

“Is it cold?” I asked, enjoying the feel of the morning sun on my face.

“It’s a bit cold,” he noted, “I just want to look for some skippers”. Barry always looked for skipping rocks when we found ourselves at a lake. He had a knack for making them skip too many times to count.

He was shuffling rocks around on the shoreline beneath the deck, while I watched from the railing above.

“Mick,” he shouted, “you won’t believe this”

“What?”, I asked,  “What is it?”. I leaned over the edge of the railing trying to catch a glimpse of whatever it was that had him so surprised.

He moved some large rocks, dropping them into the deeper water with a splash.

“What is it Bar?”, I asked again, impatient to his silence.

“It’s a chest,” he said, astonishment and excitement filling his voice.

“What? A chest?” I questioned, catching a glimpse of the weathered wooden box he pulled from beneath the deck.

“Lets open it!” he said enthusiastically, climbing back onto the dock with it and bringing it to the picnic table.

He set it down beside me, and began opening the two rusty, front latches.

“Bar!” I exclaimed, “The family who owns this house obviously put it there! Maybe it is a time capsule or something. I don’t think we should open it.”

“We are opening it”, he replied without pause, as he fiddled with the lock.

“Is it locked?”, I asked

“Yah” he responded, “but I think I can get into it I just need a knife or something long and skinny.” He jumped up from the picnic table and began searching around the deck for sticks or other items that could be used to pop the lock.

I glanced around for objects as well, surprised by his desire to break into the owners private property. Usually, he didn’t like to break these types of rules. I saw the house key on the band around my wrist and offered it to him.


“What about the house key?” I asked.

“That’s perfect!” he said cheerily as he made his way back to the chest and began shimmying with the lock.

After a minute or two, and to my surprise, he managed to pop the lock open. The lid snapped up with a satisfying sound that matched the excitement we both were feeling.

“You can open it,” he offered, smiling ear-to-ear.

“No, you found it, you can open it,” I offered gallantly.

Without a pause he opened the lid, and for a split second I imagined every possible good or bad thing that could be hidden within this mysterious chest.

We both leaned over the opened chest expectantly, giddied with anticipation.

“Oh,” I paused, seeing the antique anchor and thick boating rope inside, “It’s just where they keep their anchor!”

We exchanged glances and then Barry began pulling out the section of rope and anchor.

“It’s odd they would keep such an old anchor like this, don’t you think?” I asked him, as he pulled the last bit of rope from the chest.

Beneath where the rope had laid was a piece of burlap sack, wound around a small black box. I cautiously picked up the burlap, checking for spiders and sea creatures, and unravelled it to reveal a small, black, wooden box nailed shut with 4 tiny nails.


“What is this?” I asked, looking to Barry, who took it from my hand and began observing it.

I looked back into the chest, noting the other collection of items, an antique wrench and a very old box of fuses.

When I turned to look at Barry again, he was just popping the lid off the small black box.


He held the box out to me, and I saw it. Surprise, shock, confusion and excitement mixed into a dizzying cocktail that left me speechless. Inside the box, perched within a small leather pillow was a dazzling diamond ring. My first thought was “Oh shit, as if we just found someone’s ring!” before Barry caught my eyes, and asked “Will you marry me?”.

I was in utter shock, and I couldn’t make out words. I gasped and held my hands to my mouth, tears welling in my eyes. All I could say was “Oh my god. Oh my god.” Over and over. I spent what seemed like minutes wrapping my head around the situation before I was able to voice my “Yes!”.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, and just another awesome tidbit:

Barry actually made the ring box from scratch, which I think is very special! Here are some photos of it and the chest.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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