Just Keep Swimming

Hello from sunny Saint Kitts, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I haven’t been in the mood, and my creative juices weren’t flowing well enough. But I’m determined today, and I think it will do me some good.

I feel like my life, for the most part, has formed a routine. Every 3-4 weeks I have a block exam for the core four courses, and in between, I’m studying and going on little adventures here and there and spending time with my friends.

A few weeks ago I realized I was feeling crappy because I wasn’t getting as much exercise as I used to, so I made a big change and started going to the gym with a friend. This has helped me stay in a routine, I get up before the sun rises every morning to go to the gym, then I make breakfast and study till I have a class which usually isn’t until after lunch. So far this has been working well, and I feel so amazing for having gone to the gym!

Recently my class finished our second set of block exams, and I am happy to say so far I have been doing extremely well in all my classes. Of course, there are things I need to improve upon; I’m not perfect, but I am very happy with how I have done so far!

I have fallen in love with another kennel dog; her name is Leila, and she reminds me a lot of my mom’s dog heart. They have a similar personality. I recently asked to be but on her adoption list as well as Chloe’s. I see both of them every day either separate or together depending on if I have someone with me or not. They get along really well, and Chloe helps Leila get out of her shell. My friend is Leila’s kennel companion but most likely won’t be able to adopt her so hopefully it works out and I can adopt them both when the time comes. But unfortunately, this won’t be for another year. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy spending as much time with them as possible at school.

Adventure wise, I went snorkeling!! I know this may not seem too crazy to most people, but I have a fear of what is under the water. I’m okay to swim as long as I can’t see what is under me, and I don’t think about it. This was huge for me, and I did panic at first, but my friend kept me going and it turned out to be an amazing experience!! One I can’t wait to go on again!

I am once again studying for my next set of exams, but I will try to post again soon!


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