Orientation Week – Part 1

Today is the first day of classes, and while I only have two classes today, reality is beginning to set in after a week of what seemed like a vacation. Since O-week was so packed full of stuff, I will write about it in two posts.

Part 1
I arrived in Saint Kitts, later than expected, after my flight from Antigua was delayed by two hours. I met someone from Ontario to talk to and pass the time, which was nice! We managed to get the last flight out of Antigua and headed to Saint Kitts. Upon arrival, it became apparent to most of the people on the flight that about 90% of the checked bags did not arrive in Saint Kitts with us. Thankfully I was prepared for this, and had some stuff in my carry-on, but I was still expecting at least one of my three checked bags to arrive with me.

I met my Orientation Leader (OL) outside, and he took me to fill out paperwork to get my bags later. The majority of my orientation group also arrived Sunday evening, so they were also waiting for me once I got my bags sorted out. For the record, they said my bags should be there the next day. Once we got to campus, everyone got their keys, and we each had to go through our entire room and fill out a checklist saying what was actually in the room and what condition it was in. By this point, it was around midnight, and I’m close to being up for 24 hours. After my OL had left, I unpacked my carry-on put my sheets on my bed, and called my parents….who didn’t answer. I can’t blame them for that, though; it was very late.

I woke up bright and early Monday morning as I had to meet the rest of my group at 7:15 for breakfast. I managed to get ahold of my parents beforehand, long enough to say “Hey, I’m alive!” Then I was off to what turned out to be a VERY long day.


View from my apartment.


RUSVM fed us breakfast and lunch for most of the week, and I even managed to find food I could eat. It turns out they give you special treatment when you have food allergies; I got to cut the line on many occasions because they wanted to make sure I got some food I could eat. I can’t complain about that!

From 8-5 Monday and Tuesday, and 8-12 Wednesday we had what was called R.U.L.E. which stands for Ross University Leadership Experience. This was done by Dr. Rick DeBowes, and it was a great experience even if the days were very long. Most people weren’t used to sitting in class for 8 hours a day. I will write more about this in a separate post as there was so much information, and I think it is worth writing about it.

Monday night our driver for the week took our group to the grocery store. I was pleasantly surprised to see some gluten free brands at Best Buy which is a grocery store here not an electronics store. There wasn’t much produce selection because they restock produce Thursday/Friday but I managed to get a few necessities.

Tuesday was the day two of my bags arrived, hallelujah! Plus one more group member arrived, our little family was almost complete! We finished Day 2 of R.U.L.E. and then met up to go out for supper.
To add to the excitement of the day, just as I opened my door to leave my room the power went out. But only in my room! By the time we got back from supper my power was back on. Thank goodness, because it is HUMID down here!

After breakfast, we had the last portion of R.U.L.E. followed by lunch and ONE stop vendors where we got our laundry cards, saw financial aid, set up bank accounts, got drivers licences, etc. That evening we went to Sprat Net for dinner, where I got to enjoy a salad and baked potato. If I ate fish, it would have been much better, but since I don’t, I had to settle for what I could eat. This restaurant was farther north on the Island and had a gorgeous view of the sunset. Since we were so busy all week and didn’t finish till five each day, it was the first time most of our group had the opportunity to see the island in the daylight.

Baggage update still waiting on my last bag as of Wednesday…

Stay tuned for part 2!

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