Almost there!

I had a somewhat busy last few days at home; I tried to soak up as much spring air as I possibly could, and got last minute errands done. I still managed to forget to do a lot of things and was way behind on packing up at my parent’s house, but it mattered more to me to spend time with my animals and my family.

One of my best friends was up and took me on a hike at Pete’s Dam which I haven’t done in a long time.

And I managed to squeeze in one last bike ride, which was awesome! Biking always makes me feel better and like I accomplished something.



I had the best last ride on Coup, my old guy. He has respiratory issues and is on medication, but Saturday morning everything seemed to flow. I was at one with my horse, what more could I ask for? I also spent time with my younger guy Capri, the biggest suck in the world. I didn’t ride him as much but did spend a lot of TLC on him and his girlfriend Emerald.

I had a lot of tearful goodbyes to both my human friends and animal friends in the last few days, but I can’t wait to share my adventure!

Saturday night I drove to North Bay with my parents and stayed at my Aunt and Uncles as my flight was scheduled for a 6:00 AM departure from North Bay.

This morning I woke up extra early, I only got about four, decent, hours of sleep last night, but this meant I didn’t sleep through my alarm which I mistakenly set for Saturday morning. I drove to the airport in North Bay around 4:30 and had a last minute visit with them till I went through security and boarded my plane. This was another tearful goodbye!

The flight to Toronto was good; I got to see the sunrise which was fantastic! I’m glad I decided to fly out of North Bay and not try to battle traffic in Toronto. Thank you to those of you who pushed me to do so! Although the plane was small, I had to try hard to not let claustrophobia set in, but I did manage to make it to Toronto in one piece.

I had a 2-hour layover in Toronto and discovered that Pearsons wifi sucks, and since I changed to pay-as-you-go for my Canadian phone it was hard to talk to anyone while I was waiting. It was raining when we left Toronto but other than turbulence closer to Antigua the flight was great. I got caught up on Big Bang Theory, which made me happy!

I was really worried about my checked bags being overweight and having to pay overweight fees, but they made it through twice being over the weight limit. So no extra charges, thank goodness!

I’m currently waiting in Antigua for my flight to Saint Kitts; I have about a five-hour layover to burn through before I finally make it to Saint Kitts and start this new adventure!

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